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Mold Remediation Recommendations

What the CDC says about the health effects of mold

- The severity of being exposed to mold is different for everyone

- Common symptoms from mold exposure is Stuffy Nose, Wheezing, Red or Itchy

eyes or skin.

- People with allergies, suppressed immune systems or respiratory issues, the

elderly, and young children are at the most risk of experiencing more severe

symptoms when exposed to mold.

If mold is found in a room, try to prevent coming in contact with it and attempt to seal the room off.

- Vacate the room and close off the heat/air registers so that way the HVAC

system does not cause cross contamination.

- Prevent as much access into the room as possible, shut the door and leave

it shut unless absolutely necessary.

- Mold spores can stick to clothes and travel with you.

Never put air movement on mold.

- By applying air movement, you will begin to spread the spores throughout the area

and other areas causing cross contamination. They are as light as a grain of sand; it

doesn’t take too much to cause them to move.

Bleach will not take care of it.

- As strong as bleach is, it’s mold is hydrophobic, meaning it will repel water based

solutions like bleach, and won't allow bleach to penetrate and kill the mold.

- Bleach will cause mold spores to go dormant.

- Spores can be activated from this dormant stage if exposed to another food

source and begin to grow again.

Any elevated level of mold spores in the air is dangerous, no matter the type.

- According to the CDC, all molds should be treated the same in terms of the potential

health risks and how to remove the source properly.

Always call a professional when mold is present. Environment Control trained and certified with the proper equipment and techniques to handle any mold loss. For more information about mold, visit the CDC at, or call Environment Control, Day or Night, because It’s About Lives.

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