• Ryan Steinseifer

Spring Into Nice Weather

Winter is finally coming to a close, and nice weather is on its way! Although winter is almost over and the fear of freezing pipes has passed, water damage can still happen as Colorado thaws. Things to do before spring:

  1. Shovel snow away from the building

  2. Water runs the path of least resistance. If the snow is shoveled away from the building, there is less of a chance water will find its way in.

  3. Clean out your gutters

  4. Similar to removing snow away from the house, cleaning out your gutters allows for water to drain away easily.

  5. If debris blocks your gutter downspout, you may find that your second level walls and carpet might be wet, or worse … grow Mold.

  6. Check for cracks in your foundation

  7. Cracks in your foundation allow easy access for water to enter your building, and may be caused by a bigger problem like repetitive freezing and thawing or soil erosion.

  8. Install and maintain your sump pump

  9. As snow melts, the water table under the ground begins to rise and could seep through your foundation. A sump pump automatically pumps out rising water to your yard or the storm sewer, as long as it is in good working condition.

  10. Seal your windows and cover your window wells

  11. Slope your landscape away from your building

  12. As snow melts and later when rain falls, make sure water drains away from your property

Environment control is always here to help with any type of water loss, giving our customers peace of mind. Call us anytime, Day or Night, because It’s About Lives.

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