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Winter Advisory

Winter weather is here and Environment Control has a few things to keep in mind to get any house ready for the cold.

If You Haven’t Yet:

-Blowout sprinkler system and disconnect all hoses from any outside spigot.

-Locate the main water shut off before any water emergency happens.

-Make sure all exposed pipes are properly insulated.

-If you leave your home, set your thermostat for a minimum of 55 degrees or above to

prevent the chance of freezing.

During Cold Weather:

-Close doors to any unused rooms like the garage door, bedrooms, and offices to

retain warm air in these smaller areas.

-Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinets doors open to allow warm air to circulate around

plumbing, especially ones that are on exterior walls.

-Let the cold water faucet drip to reduce the chance of freezing.

When the Weather is Warmer:

-Frequently check all rooms, especially in a basement, to prevent a water loss from

going undetected for long periods of time.

-Check rooms that are near the edge of gutter down spouts for water damage from Ice


For Additional Information:

-The American Red Cross has great information on Freezing Pipes



-The University of Minnesota has an article about what ice dams are and their effects



If a problem does arise, Environment control is always here to help with any type of water loss, giving our customers peace of mind. Call us anytime, Day or Night, because

It’s About Lives.

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