Let our expert teams give back what disaster took.


A backed-up sewer system can release waste and polluted water into your home or business, causing health hazards and extensive structural damage to your property. Specialists at Environment Control understand the requirements for complete water damage restoration and sanitization.

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Great care must be taken in the process of mold removal, both of the source and spread.  Without proper steps, the probability of further contamination and damage increases.  Environment Control is educated and trained in mold remediation and we are confident in our ability to keep you safe.


Environment Control is certified by the IICRC in Applied Microbial Remediation and is knowledgeable in the proper procedures, tools, and equipment necessary for full restoration.  Our technicians are competent in the essential steps to contain the contaminated space and protect its occupants.  We work with property managers, homeowners, insurance adjusters, and industrial hygienists to provide full-service mold/microbial remediation to restore a healthy environment.



Storms can be unpredictable and disastrous, leaving substantial water damage to your home or office.  The destruction caused by flooding can lead to extensive repairs and property loss.  Environment Control is available to provide professional and reliable stormwater damage restoration services: restoring, drying, and repairing your space quickly and safely.

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Substantial damage and loss can occur as a result of a ruptured pipe.  Environment Control specialists are available 24 hours a day to work through the necessary steps to minimize your loss.



A flood in your home or business can have devastating and long-lasting effects.  Beyond damaging your belongings, carpets, drywall, and more, it also brings the potential for mold and harmful disease.  At Environment Control, we are trained and experienced in flood damage restoration and committed to efficiently restoring your space.



The permanent removal of odors can be complicated. While some odors are easily recognizable and the source can be quickly removed, others can remain hidden and difficult to identify. Environment Control’s experts have the specialized training, equipment and tools to target and deal with the source of any odor problem.

Soot Removal and Smoke Damage Cleaning

Following a fire, damage to your property and belongings can continue without the proper removal of soot and the cleaning of all smoke damaged materials and surfaces. Ensure a full recovery of your property by trusting the professionals of Environment Control Restoration.

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Debris Removal

Large amounts of debris can either accumulate over time or all at once with a natural disaster. Understanding the full scope of damage can be overwhelming following extensive damage to your property. Environment Control can provide safe removal of potentially hazardous materials and restore your property to its original state.